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The Arab spring clean

The Arab nations have embarked on the ultimate spring clean that would make Aggie and Kim proud.

The worst offending grease pots were the despots, committing crime that left the worst grime.

As for those that are still lingering, it’s going to take more than Mr. Muscle to scrub the grime away.

As the Arab nations sweep out the gloom with their broom to uncover democracy, the Palestinians have more than dust to contend with.  Imagine a pest invasion since 1948!  A pest which has infested its grip on your homes, turned into the victor by evicting, built immunity to resistance by massacring men, women and children.

The Arab spring clean has inspired a reinvigorated form of pest control better than any invented rat trap:

Palestinians are exploring new means of resisting Israel and its denial of Palestinian refugee rights, including nonviolent resistance through peaceful marches to the borders of Israel. The specter of refugees walking to the borders of Israel from four different points – in Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza – is a nightmare for Israel for what it portends for the future. If the Palestinians organize such nonviolent marches and other protests skillfully – which is more than likely – they will create situations that the Israelis will not be able to control. I would expect, for example, coordinated nonviolent protests that see all Palestinians mobilize simultaneously against Israel in the very near future.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Opinion/Columnist/2011/May-18/Israel-fears-Palestinian-nonviolence.ashx#ixzz1Mtisyayr

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