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This article was written on 06 Jul 2011, and is filled under The Daily Player.


Bercow in Burkha land

The House of Commons is soon to be parted from its beloved Bercow.

It’s the kind of ‘Wife Swap’ that even television producers didn’t think of first:

Controversial Commons Speaker John Bercow is packing his bags and his body armour bound for Afghanistan to keep check on parliamentary proceedings in political front line in Kabul.

He is trading places temporarily with his counterpart Abdul Raud Ibrahimi in an exchange scheme between the two countries designed to foster good relations.

Billed as a positive relationship-building exercise between Afghanistan and the UK, some Political pundits speculate it’s a revenge plot by Cameron following his fury at a recent PMQ’s:

“Asked if Bercow had been approached to participate in the exchange, a Downing Street spokesman said: “I am sure he is fully supportive of our efforts.” ~ James Tapsfield, the Press Association’s reporter travelling with Cameron in Kabul.

How will Afghanistan compare to the ‘war zone’ in the UK’s House of Commons for Bercow?

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