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The right-wing hymn sheet

Whether it is Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Geller or Anna Coulter, the right-wing blogosphere regularly unleashes a war of words disproportionately matching what they perceive as provocation.

The rules of warfare are proverbially set: to condemn all under one…

Jun, 14

Niqab ban views

Apr, 13

Guess the chauvinist

Can always depend on my Facebook Page to provoke a few fireworks.  None more apparent than from yesterday’s posting about the female contribution to Egypt’s recent revolution on the Huffington Post“Women and Revolution — What Now?”

If you’re…

Mar, 29

Snapshot: Depression

To mark Muslim Youth Helpline’s latest campaign Dare to Hope, an anonymous young British Muslim shares her thoughts of battling with depression.

I try to speak but my words sound weak, I try to cry but my

Mar, 16


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